Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cracking & Popping Floors, 10 month stuff.

10 month was going along very well.  UNTIL.............

the cracking and popping floors were NOT  easy fixes as I thought!


The one in the loft, they need to rip apart the ceiling and wall in the living room. SIGH!  Oh gesh!

Bonus side to this is...........

That is where all the piping runs from the upstairs bathroom to the basement, hence lots of noise SO, when they open it up, we are wrapping those pipes to SHUT IT UP!  That's the plan anyway, we will see how it goes down.

I know there were a few bloggers that insulated their pipes to prevent sound?  Anybody out there?

The other popping is in our master, they cant figure it out, they tried driving like 16 screws in through the carpeting....URGGHH, to no avail. So NOW they must pull up the carpeting, now this area has 3 seams, count em' . Lets see how this works out and makes the seams worse!

Its funny at your 10 month, it takes like a year to fix this stuff.

It goes like this...

People show up, find shit wrong then you have to wait for them to come back, btw is weeks upon weeks for each thing wrong!

Now my drywall guys were GREAT!  H&M Company, wow were they professional and know their stuff, they were really good, really fast and efficient!  Good Company. They took care of all my pops and seams, the owner of the co. did the seams and you cant see the repair, I'm impressed!

The 10 month "punch out" guy, who doesnt consider himself a punch out guy, took him all damn day to do two window ledges and some touch ups, went home for lunch for an hour and a half, which was so weird to me :) At this snails pace gonna take forever!


  1. Oh wow that sucks! Our creaking in the living room was fixed with the screws. The wall creak in our loft was a bit more intensive, but even still all they had to do was pull off the baseboard, put in some shims and then put in a few screws before reinstalling the baseboard.

    Hopefully while they have everything torn apart you can add the insulation and quiet your pipes a bit since I know it's been a big source of annoyance for you.

    We've noticed that the 10-month stuff takes quite a while to get completed too. I think that's why they start at the 10-month mark... in hopes that they'll be done by the 1-year mark! lol

    1. I hope it will be done at the 2 year mark...LOL. Today is my reminder email to RH. Always on top of it..hehehehe

  2. Haha... ours was the same deal. It took so long to take care of everything after the 10 month inspection. So annoying.