Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fixes - sidewalk - driveway - transom window

May 22


Sidewalk got replaced again, that made 3 pours, it looks nice.

Our concrete driveway............all 3 lanes........looks like.

Transom window started getting fixed today will be done tomorrow if these storms hold off.

I will post pics tomorrow.

STILL NO LANDSCAPING...............killing me, killing me!!


  1. Glad to hear things are finally getting taken care of to your satisfaction. Hope the transom window fix also turns out well

  2. I hope they do it right this time! Can't wait to see pics with your pretty new window.

  3. You need this to be over so you can enjoy your house!!

  4. I hope everything is to your liking.

  5. I hope they get your landscaping in soon!!

    They just ripped up our silt fencing yesterday... and our cable line. Ugh! Hopefully they bury it again! They said they'd be adding top soil to fill in the trenches and grass seed. We are going to request that they reseed the entire yard... I'm so tired of the barely there lawn. I know that you can relate better than anyone else.

    1. M, I know its down right depressing seeing such a disaster as a front yard!! I can't explain why its depressing but it just is...

      What is silt fencing?

      I had thought about contacting our lanscaper and asking how much extra I could pay him on the side for SOD, but I have seen those turn out disasterous too!!!

      Today they should be done with the transom, but I still need all my outside painted and blah blah blah!!!

      We are now getting contractors out here for estimate on living space in the backyard!! I need an outdoor space!!

    2. The silt fence is the black cloth-like fence that they put around the property during construction. I'm not sure if they do that everywhere, but it is in just about every picture of our yard... It's a huge eye sore!

    3. Wow they JUST took down your black fence,.,gesH!!! I guess we just closed during the wrong time of year huh????

    4. Yep they just pulled it up yesterday. The PM said he needed 85% germination of the lawn before he could pull it up... and I think he waited a little longer just to be sure. Now we just need the developer to pull up the chain link fence between our yard and our portion of the "forest conservation" area! Who knows how long that'll take!