Friday, April 12, 2013

Transom windows - are they part of your door - are they tinted?

Worried about them installing this transom window after the fact in typical RH way....half ass it!

People are saying the transom should be a "part " of the door already??

Anybody else think their transom is seperate from their door?

(if you havent seen the post I am referring to, its my "missing window" post)

Is the transom tinted?  It kinda looks that way in some pics?

Of course I'm nervous about this fix, because I don't want it half assed, its the front on my home Damn It!

BTW, its being blamed on the framers, no one has taken accountability for it. No one really knows why this happened??  Amazing!!


  1. I drove up through the plan earlier today looking at all of the transom windows... They actually do look dark? Are the side windows dark on your house?

  2. Nope my sidelights arent tinted, but the transoms do look tinted HUH?

    Loving your house BTW, boy are they working hard huh? As soon as they scoot out of there I will try an let you know...

  3. It definately looks tinted... Interesting. Thx for looking out for me!

  4. The transoms are a seperate window. They broke ours installing it , so they had have a speciality guy come to install it since the door and sidelights were already in place and they couldnt figure out how to squeeze it in there without cracking the window...they finally got it in..but i would watch for any leakage! Good luck!

  5. Roger & Donna thanks so much for that info!! Makes me feel a little better, BUT I do have my worries that this "after the fact" insert with somewhere cause me some issues somehow!!

    I also have a feeling they arent going to do the trim right either...just has been my experience lately.......they will "get away" with anything they can!

  6. WOW!! I just read your last few blogs on the transom. WOW!! Let this be the last thing so you can enjoy your home!! WTH!!???

    Bottom line : each PM is given a copy of the blueprints of each home that should be onsite for the workers to build from and the PMs responsibility is to see that the home is built to specs. We all know this so...there is no guessing whose responsible! Call a thing a thing!! The contractors come to the home and they just start building without referring to the plans (builder bloopers I have seen more times than I would like to see). I would definitely hire an inspector and I have a feeling they will make sure this gets done correctly since you have had so many bloopers!! I was very anal while they were building our house and looked for everything from the inside out and we have had nothing serious; however, we do have a issue with the floors!!!

    Honestly, they should just build you a new house!!!! In the meantime, I checked my neighbors tira some and they are clear and she wants to get them tinted.


    1. Nadase, I am sooooooooooooooo tired!!! Really tired...

      PMs never said, so sorry, or my fault they are blaming the framers, but I keep asking "didnt you notice?" the question keeps getting side stepped answers! Our lawn is still not in, and we had to have our sidewalk ripped out because it looked like crap, right now I have NO ENTRY into my home other than ROCKS!! Its horrible!

      I am going to ask for extra landscaping, but he will say yes, but it won't happen....when the concrete guys arrived the other day I told them the sidewalk had to come out.....he was like. WTH. are you kidding me??? No one told him!!! Shocker! I think now that we are in the house, they have other homes to meet deadlines to worry about..."L" I have lost faith in the Ryan way!!

      Oh on tues morning they come to see what is wrong with the AC. Do ya'll know how many spinning classes I have missed on my days off for these clowns to be in my home????? So much for the 5 pounds I wanted to lose before Mexico. Yeah Ive been kinda anti-RH, so I apologize to everyone out there building right now. As soon as the HOT MESS of my home gets cleaned up, I hope to jump back on the Happy Wagon..LOL

    2. I totally feel your RH pain...we also built a Savoy in PA and have also had a few issues. We closed over Halloween week, which was exactly when Hurricane Sandy was hitting the east coast...our landscaping is so-so and our front steps need replaced already because they are pulling away from the porch! The one big mistake they made was the bathroom rough in down in the basement. They actually forgot to put in the shower drain pipe, so when we discovered this, they had to come back and tear up the concrete and move them...very messy and very inconvenient! Although it was their mistake, no one ever admitted it was wrong!! But it is fixed and we had our bathroom. put in ( by a different contractor who is a friend) and it is done correctly!! I understand things may not always be perfect, but when I am paying this kind of money, I expect pretty much near perfection!! And to comment on the transom, ours are not tinted.

    3. Anonymous, did you ever had a blog?

      Unrelated question for you. How did you ever decorate your foyer landing up top?? Do you have the open foyer when you have the ledge that makes up your bathroom ceiling? I just dont know what to do with it? Any suggestions?

  7. I looked at ours today when we were at the house, our is part of the door and it isn't tinted. Hope this fix goes better then your others.

    1. Thanks Summer, Roger and Donna said there's had to be fixed and it wasnt part of their door, so maybe it varies from model to model....I sure hope its fixed correctly also, but I am no holding my breathe...LOL...I'm kind of a pessimist right now.

  8. NO it should not be part of the door. We have that stupid door they are talking about. I'll send a picture if you want. Tell them you don't want that stupid door with the window IN it. That's what passes for a transom window with Ryan, apparently.

    If you do not get a real transom window, the doors in your model probably have the window built into the door near the top, which Ryan calls a transom.

  9. WEll it cant be built into the door since they are NOT replacing the door, so it has to be seperate...

    I know it will be above the door like my pic in the blog...

    Currently i very much dislike the outside of my home, its looks horrific, I pull up and cringe!! Due to all the mudd, dirt, construction garbage still in my yard, everyone around me has beautiful yards,,,,,,,I'm the black sheep on the hill.