Friday, January 11, 2013

Walk thru is a success!

January 11th

Day 97

Our walk thru was a very nice experience.

Our two PM's can be fun, one of them who had to do the kitchen demonstration I asked him to do the "Vanna White" impression!

Ta Da!

Everything looks awesome, there are a few blue tape items nothing too big.

Our house is very very clean.

And cleaning crew will come back again the morning we close to clean again.

We did the walk thru and our own observations for imperfections at the same time.

I had indicated that I felt badly pointing out blue tape items and they said do NOT feel badly at all, it's part of why we are here.

The carpet is still an issue, you can see every seam, but our PM's are great they said it will be fixed or replaced to our satisfaction.

They both have offered to do so much for us even after we close, if we NEED anything to not hesitate to contact them anytime.

The drop sink pipe is being fixed and won't extend out into the room anymore.

Brick has been washed and I asked for it to be washed again, and they said no problem at all :)

You get two cans of touch up paint one for baseboards and one for the walls.

A nice big folder with all warranty information.

We have to call the utility companies within 3 days after our closing to place them in our names.

Rules of the mailbox......our township is so funny, the mail carriers don't get out of the car.  My whole life I have lived in a township were the mail carriers walk up to your home, walk up flights of stairs and through the snow, in this township you have to shovel in front of your mailbox, and not park there either and have a clearing of 30 feet for them to drive up to the box or else they will skip your delivery that day............Damn!! Wow.  This is no reflection on RH.........

Our PM's even offered to help my hubby get the fridge in the house if he needed a hand after the closing..............I'm gonna miss these guys :)

We took them food today from the local farm, wish I could do more for them for being such a needy pain in the butt throughout this process.

They will be getting all 10's from us, I told them I would give them an 11 if I could.  I know throughout this process I have bitched and worried and got upset but the end product today was so nice and to look back at what they have done for us when I have asked at the time may not have been in the time frame I had wanted, but looking back you are stressed and get mad if things are perfect, but in the end, when you look overreacted and everything for us so far has really worked out....

Carpet issue pending.......LOL.

So fellow bloggers if you are the middle of this process, be proactive, stay engaged, be a pain in the ass, get to know your PM's well and don't be afraid to ask for what you want and if you are not happy.  If it is not done to your standard ...........ask again :)  And in the end you will look back and truly be satisfied.

I know as we close and move into the home ....I again will write about things gone wrong, it's a new house and things are going to happen and I'm confident those things will get fixed :)

Let me not forget my SR who I hug everytime I see her.  She is leaving our community in February and I will miss her.  I was hoping to pop into the model every once in awhile and catch up with her.  I am sad to see her go and if NOT for her we would NOT be where we are today.

L you will be missed and as I have said before, you started this journey with us and I'll miss you!

Pics to follow after closing on Tuesday!!!


  1. I'm glad your walk-through went well!

  2. I almost missed this blog!!! I am so happy you had a great time at your walk through!! Awesome! I can't wait to see your home.

    We were told the same thing today during our mini walk through that they will clean the house and carefully watch it until we close.

  3. I got teary eyed reading this particular blog that I had to comment.
    Mom xxoo

  4. I just got teary eyed reading your moms comment. Very sweet. And I am SO excited for you guys!

    1. Yup my Ma is special...LOL.

      Thanks Catherine.

  5. i have to agree with your advice about getting to know and be buddy buddy with your PM! ours was fantastic and very responsive. I was highly impressed with his attention to detail which left very few blue tape items for us when we walked through, as he had already marked things he noticed!! i told him more than once that it felt as though he was building his own house the way he watched out for us and ours!!

    So glad to hear everything turned out well for you and congrats on your closing tomorrow!!