Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nerves! Nerves took over excitement today, anybody else?

I am a nervous today.

Our walk through is in 5 days.

And my granite and shower not installed (I knew this) but after reading all the problems with bloggers granite I am soooo scared to see it.

Since we had a little bit of a mishap with the granite company.  See I got advice on here to ask to see the slab.  Well it got real confusing with RH and the granite company and ME all communicating...I still think it is my fault the granite is being installed late.

The company said SURE come on out.  When I called back to say I was coming there was just way too much misunderstanding and too many phone calls to too many different people and now I am super nervous.  I decided NOT to go out since there was already miscommunication and thought I would complicate issues even further.  I apologized to my PM for wanting to do it and making this difficult.

I should be excited but suddenly I am scared to death.

I wonder if all my curtain and furniture and bedding selections will all come together.  There is so much in boxes (I am living w my Mom) and hope everything will match....I just don't know today :(

We are going out to IKEA today to pick up furniture for the boys rooms.  Hope this furniture will fit well?  What is IKEA's return policy?  Urrgghh going crazy today!


Oh BTW my dumpster diving days are over, good thing we did it when we did cause yesterday it was gone.  We have learned if you see something and have an idea just do it because the next day it may not be there.


Gutters were installed today.

Blue tape markers inside the house.

Granite sink upstairs in progress of being fixed.

I won't see a finished kitchen or master bath till the 11th hour. Oh My!


I'm going to go and obsess now :( Sigh!


  1. As of about mid-week last week, all that was left at our house was fixing the cracked grout in the master bathroom, cleaning up, and touching up the drywall so I'm not extremely nervous... but I'm ready to see it all done!

    I hope they are able to get everything at your house finished on time!

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    1. DW, Honestly your granite only takes a few minutes to install since they have already measured your template. It's one of those less than four hour jobs. I would suspect the shower takes about the same amount of time. Most of these trades are expert at what they do so you won't have any worries.

      I would be tickled pink to see the seamless shower and the kitchen at the same time because it will give you a lovely REVEAL DAY! I have not seen my kitchen with the microwave and cooktop as of today and look forward to seeing as my REVEAL DAY!

      You still have a week left for them to handle everything for your walkthrough and I am sure you will have a pad and pen ready for your punch list so......


  3. I read your blog on M's page and YES, we are on the home stretch and I am beginning to wonder how all of this is going to unfold!! There is so much to do. It's exciting and overwhelming -- but most importantly we are blessed beyond measure to move into our dream homes in just a few short days!! How are you doing today? Hope you are feeling better and receive great progress today!! Stay focused on what you need to do while they continue to prepare your home!! :-)

  4. I am excited for you. I need to find out more about how to get the seamless shower. Is this an upgrade that I don't see on my sheet?

    1. PinkRage, this is a nonstandard and has never been done before by my community or PM's.

      I made this an easy nonstandard for RH to approve.

      I asked what glass company was installing the shower.

      I contacted them and asked if they could do the seamless, they said yes they just needed to get approval from RH.

      They contact our PM and he said that was OK with him.

      We just continued to work with the glass company, they asked RH what they were charging us for the standard shower and gave us that credit towards the seamless shower.

      We paid the glass co. directly for this upgrade.

      We went to the store and picked out what type of shower we wanted and the handles and what not.

      I have a theory, if you make it easier for RH to say yes and do leg work yourself you are more likely to get your nonstandards.

      I had also contacted our tile company directly about getting rid of the soap dish and giving us another ledge in place of for no charge.