Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dumpster Diving Diva !

January 4th, 2013.

90 day mark!!

YUP I dumpster dove today, not proud (underlying grin).

This is the dumpster outside my bedroom window.

They throw away such good stuff sometimes.  I got some more carpeting pieces, padding and bricks out of the dumpster today.

As I sit on top of my husband's shoulders to get inside, I think to myself..... the neighbors must be so proud to have such a class act in their neighborhood  (giggle giggle cause they have done it too - I'm not the first).


Carpeting was installed today.

I am happy with the color, I picked a very safe bland color, I just couldn't take the chance and get creative with the carpeting.

We paid for the upgraded padding, but you would never know it.  It doesn't feel as if any thick padding is all.  Sigh :(....

We stuck with the basic carpeting offered, because we did such a high upgrade on the hardwood.  Lesson learned bloggers, go one more step above basic, you won't be sorry.

In our living room we upgraded the carpet/padding and WHAT a DIFFERENCE from the basic stuff in the rest of the house.

The flooring company assured us that you would notice a difference in the padding, I would wonder if any padding was down at all had I not seen it in the dumpster.

Oh the highs and lows of just can't upgrade everything I tell myself...and hence the inner struggle of.........shoulda woulda coulda!


Today is now Saturday the 5th and RH has until Wednesday to have their official inspection......(laughing out loud) even my PM says they may have to push back "their" RH inspection.  There still is much to do....I see so many of you sitting on your homes waiting to close....this will be down to the wire.

PM was trying to convince workers to work today, Saturday, on the outside of the house.  I know drywallers will be there today doing something. IDK what.

Concrete sidewalk monday, shower maybe Tues and granite on the day of inspection for RH, Wednesday.

Apparently RH comes in and does their own inspection before our pre setttlement, which is next friday the 11th.

And they get rated on the home.......and get points deducted for things not done correctly.  One of the workers indicated that 1/4 point had been deducted in another home for something so small and the PM doesn't like when they get a deduction.  So I guess these guys really are accountable for things gone wrong.  


Appliances arrived yesterday and sitting in garage.


Gravel driveway arrived.......oh how pretty...(sarcasm).


Rough grade of the backyard, and boy is it ...........rough!! We were told it would be "rough"......good description.


Started on the front of the house decoration pieces, wish I knew they correct terminology for this part??  See the part above the top middle window, decorative columns will go all the way down to porch level.


Put on our real door locks, bronze finish, love them.


Looking forward to our coach lights outside, those are still missing too, oh and I just thought of it my lamp post and mailbox too........


Got a quote on a garage door opener installation, we have a friend of the FAM that does it....FYI if you wanted one through RH you had to get it rolled into your mortgage, it was an extra cost.I think $425 with one remote.

We are getting a belt driving, touch pad, smartphone opener.  One that you can open with your phone anywhere in the U.S.!  Hubby loves his toys. 
Cost............$450 installed with touch pad, openers and app! Happy Camper.

With this opener it works if you have NO power and you can open or close it from your phone at cool!!

Hubby just said it's called the Liftmaster 8800......LMAO, I thought he was trying to be funny but he said it's no joke. (me and my mom giggle).

I will stop out everyday from here on out, there is just so much going on right now and a very small window to gets things fixed.


  1. What padding upgrade did you get? 8 lb or 10 lb? We got the 10 lb with the basic carpet for upstairs. I figured it would be okay while we still have young kids. We can always upgrade later to a much nicer carpet that we can get cheaper on our own than through RH.

    I love your railings and wood floors!

  2. They threw away perfectly good trim pieces for the kitchen cabinets yesterday when we went by our house... and they threw away all of the foam stuff that was covering the hardwood. I had hoped to save the foam stuff so we could cover the hardwood while we are moving in.

    We upgraded our carpet padding upstairs to 8 lb I think... then we upgraded to the highest padding that had a layer to prevent moisture from being absorbed by the padding in the downstairs areas. Our carpet, even upstairs, seems to be pretty plush... but we did upgrade the carpet by one level.

  3. I upgraded the carpet to 10Ib on the upper and basement level for the moisture control too. I was nervous about the dog potentially having an accident on the carpet. I ended up with the standard carpet in the basement and plan to rip it out because they did not have my choice of carpet and it's not that HOTT!

    Your railings are gorgeous!!!! I sure wished we could have gotten them. Another thing I will be adding to my list from your house. lol

    DId you pick up the LIFTMASTER 8000? I opt out of the RH one too because I wanted a opener with extra features because I used to leave the garage door open too often.

    I remember Megan starting this trend of dumpster diving and creating a herbal box with the left over 2*4s. IT inspired me to go diving so that I can make one too!

    On two different days I even had the trades diving with me! LOL!

    The worst part is watching the guys throw things away that are useful! I told one guy to go back and get my hardwood floors he just threw in the dumpster and he told me they are required to clean up and throw away all of the trash or they would get a ticket!!