Saturday, September 22, 2012


Okie Dokie

So we had our pre construction meeting...

We like our PM, we knew we would heard wonderful things about him.

It was not very exciting, but you do have to pay attention.....

There were a few things overlooked and Im curious to see if we are charged for these things.

Our crown molding on the kitchen cabinets and our gas dryer hookup were missing.....they were NOT listed on our list, so not sure if we will get charged for these things now or not.........

We thought we were getting a microwave but its in PA they have some kind of code that doesnt allow the microwave above a gas range stove????  So we are getting a range hood and not a microwave.

Also was told we were getting a single door out from our morning room to our back yard and its turn out we are getting sliding glass doors, which was a NICE surprise.

Also our request to have the flooring put in under our kitchen cabinets was granted.........I was shocked by that I thought for sure the answer would have been ........NO....but no problem flooring will go down first and cabinets sit on top so when we remodel some day we wont have to replace floor and cabinets...WIN WIN!!

Also the overhang I asked for was misunderstood and was put on the island in the kitchen (which is awesome) but I really wanted it on that ledge that is above the sink into the morning room so the boys can sit there in the morning, that was an additional request I had is granted........not sure if I will get it or not!!

Also we were told we could extend our gargage driveway up the side of our house...bonus...we have four cars...and the driveway is super short (hate it.....) and four cars will never ever fit, I still dont know what we are going to still may not be enough room.....wish we could have afforded a bigger LOT...

Also they moved the egress window and AC compressor to the other side of the house so there will NOTHING in our way in the backyard to build our outside retreat!!!  Happy bout that...

Funny our PM was excited about the metal ballisters...........apparently everyone does standard white wooden ones up their staircases.......I cant wait to see these black ballisters............!! He said he has never done one yet...

Bummer, we prob wont get our driveway till next spring, (its gonna be ashphalt...boooo)....because they dont pour in December, so will my driveway be MUD all winter????  Will it be a teriffic mess when we move in tracking through mud instead of do you shovel that???? LOL.....Im guessing rocks will be there instead???

Our meeting was a bit early due to my hubby's we still have to meet in early october to go over electrical......they didnt have that information yet..

But in the meantime they will survey it next week and break ground on Oct. 4th.

Thats all I can think of right now.......

ADVICE, make sure you pay attention to your blueprints, color choices and the little things  listed on your LIST they give you....if you have special requests, make sure you go over them...

Things will def. be missing, I am still wondering what else did I miss??

Moving along here.....moving along :)

Our SR is super awesome.....she would be someone I would just hang out with....real down to earth a
caring, she has won some Ryan awards as well, good for her...Shout out to you L!!!


  1. Very insightful meeting!! What approach did you use about the floors since they normally install the cabinets first?

    1. What does your SR plan to do with all these missing items from your list?

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  3. Ok great, hopefully they will not require you to make any extra payments. Since you have not broken ground yet, they should be able to add them without cost since it was an oversight instead of you just requesting for some more options "just because." Good luck and fingers crossed!

  4. We are going with the metal ballisters too and can't wait to see them in. Every model and online pic I have seen only has the standard but I really hate how dirty those white rails get all the time. I hope the metal doesn't look dusty all the time, that's my only hesitation. We will see.

  5. I think they use gravel for the driveway in the mean time. Just noticed the date and you groundbreaking is in 3 days! GL :)