Monday, October 1, 2012

Non Standard Driveway request denied :(

Ask and you shall receive..........NOT TODAY................LOL!!

Our LOT is not very deep, therefore our driveway is a bit smaller, I should know dimensions but I dont.

I believe you will be able to fit two cars back to back from garage to the street........but...MAYBE Not, Im thinking NOT!!

We do have a two car garage with a 2 foot ext. added.

But our driveway in narrow and short. Our lot is wider in the back and narrows in the front.

So we asked if we could push back the house a few feet to get a longer driveway....


No surprise though, the reason for the denial is:

#1 Wont line up with the other Ryan houses
#2 They feel our back yard will be smaller than we want


We can extend our driveway out 9 feet past our garage and down towards the side of the garage to make room for our big pick up truck...........OK.....doable ! Imagine kinda driving up the side of the house and it going back beside the garage and truck fitting along side of garage.

There are a few other homes in our plan like this,,,,,they also have short driveways.

Sounds cheesy but its looks nice, i would just rather have a longer driveway


Chose your LOT wisely........another lot in our plan is the same dimension but that portion of the street the houses sit back further.........they must all be in alignment...(sometimes this is were a custom builder would have been nice)

So decide exactly what you want out of your LOT...........driveway, backyard etc.....

Oh also, this may seem ODD, but I lived in a sidewalk community all my life, I saw sidewalks on the other side of the street and THOUGHT we would have a sidewalk too.........NOPE.....only one side of the street,another little bummer, I would have picked the other side, btw, those are the lots with some longer driveways also........should have done my homework.

Ask questions, I didnt......

Today they did stake out our lot...


So tomorrow I will head out, (after picking kids up from high school they insist on coming...too funny) to see the stakes and how our home will sit, if our PM's are avail, they will walk the LOT with me and explain them :)

I will post pics....

Suposed to break ground Thursday......AND AWAY WE GO...


  1. Sorry about the Denial. I think we have all been disappointed at something we thought would be simple and received a resounding NO!

    Just a word of Caution on the staking of your lot.
    I'm unaware of where your community is however for most communities, generally that staking is for foundation purposes.

    If you want your Lot corners staked, it was an extra $275.. just so I could figure out where a fence would go..

    1. Thanks for sharing! I had no clue that you must pay to have your corners staked for fencing! Isn't this something the fencing company would do? We walked by a neighbor's home who just installed fencing and wondered do they install two walls of fencing when both homes install fences. It appears that you end up compromising on the yardage. I need to place a call into the fencing company we plan to use to find out the process.

    2. Sorry about that DW!! You know I know this feeling all to well; yet, I find that even if we don't get what we asked for at LEAST we found the COURAGE to ASK!

      I learned a great deal about the LOT after the fact--it was a huge learning curve but a good one. We wanted to be in a cul-de-sac with houses only on one side so that we would not have anyone behind us or in front of us plus with a long drive way. My first choices were LOT's 29,28, & 27. I thought I wanted LOT 29 because it was 2000 sq feet larger than the one we have. Lucky us someone picked it before we did because I would have been upset because we would not have gotten the pond view. The other LOT #27 that we could have chosen next door to us allowed us to see the entire pond from every window in the house-- how beautiful! Whenever we stood on the lot, I never imagined the pond view until we saw the house built on it. It would have been nice to have the view but it did not have the long drive way and my husband instantly knocked the idea of LOT 27 because it was next to a trail with no privacy. So we landed with our current LOT #28 and I am happy we did because we have the privacy from the back of the house, the pond view from the side of the house, and the long drive way from the front of the house.

  2. our lot corners were staked out first, we live in Pennsylvania so not sure, but my property line went up first....

    Nadase,of course we always go back and say....shoulda woulda coulda, but...thats with anything in life....I got real good news today on other fronts and I will post that along with my visit tonite with my boys to see the Stakes......

    1. Can't wait to hear all about it!! We are definitely building buddies because we did not break ground today because of the rain--maybe Thursday or Friday. I will check with our PM to see if he is aware of the fence requirements.

  3. Megan, I just realized you and i are in the same neighborhood....duh I knew that...HMMM?? They did the property boundaries first...wonder why they would charge you.......?For all I know its in with the pricing I just didnt notice it....LOL

    1. DW - You are in Prestley Heights in Carnegie? I'm unaware of the Savoy Plan being offered here. None of the Plots are marked in my community. =( They stake out the Property for foundation.. then they dig. You are left with a piece of paper outlining your property, however unless you have survey equipment there is no way to figure it out without error. I let NVR about that frustration, you have to measure for plot, why not just stake when they do that? Who knows..

  4. Megan, nope im not in Carnegie....

    Yup there are property stakes there today.

    Amazing how things change from community to community...

  5. Be glad the sidewalk is on the other side of the street! We have many drivers here and my daughter was parked in our driveway, but the back of her car was blocking the sidewalk - she got a ticket!