Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We are building a Savoy ....

Hi  all, this is my very first Blog, so please bear with me on my new journey of building a home and a BLOG!!

We just started our building process with Ryan homes!!

Things are going pretty smoothly so far, our SR is really great!!

We did many many more upgrades then we thought, but what the heck, its our dream home. go for it.

We were encouraged because we got sooo many free upgrades, there were only 3 lots left in our plan and they wanted to push them through so they could start the next phase!!

Therefore we got free granite........... money toward morning room......and lots more!!

We paid for the master bedroom suite and master bath (yes we did granite too..yikes)

Still cant bring myself to pay for the Garage Door Opener, we will just install ourselves ,,,LOL

We just met with our Loan Officer yesterday and Monday with Guardian....so sorry no pics yet!

More to come with our Journey with our new Savoy....


  1. Congrats on the new home and the blog! So so jealous of all the free upgrades! Seems like getting in to one of the last lots can be a real deal. Good luck and I'm excited to follow along.

  2. WJ so glad to hear from you as I have been looking at your blog for a few days!! Finally kinda figured out this blog thingy..lol

  3. Welcome aboard...were building in Pittsburgh as well. Glad to hear that you got some great incentives to build in the old phase...pretty good score

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  5. Welcome to building and blogging! Looking forward to seeing your progress :)

  6. Welcome Welcome Welcome to the RH Family Blog Land! I look forward to following your journey. We had a similar as yourself. They wanted to get the community built so they had a huge incentive package for the Rome model which we chose and you had to pick one of the two lots they were offering which happened to be the lot I was fixated on since we started. Happy Building and Blogging!

  7. Welcome! I saw your post on my blog asking about Guardian... I'm emailing you now!
    The Savoy was one of my absolute favorite layouts! I fell in love with it but unfortunately it wasn't available in the community we wanted to build in. Can't wait to see your progress!