Sunday, August 12, 2012

Guardian Help Please!!!


So our appointment is with Guardian tomorrow.

We are already at our max budget and we both are not looking forward to this meeting!!

Hubby is a tech guy and currently has surround sound but we dont think Guardian will be worth the extra cost in our mortgage but he also doesnt want to rip down the ceiling either!

We really want to stick with the very basics.....

Cable for TV in each bedroom (4), living room and study for the computer....

BUT...........can you really ONLY add cable if you TV has HDMI cables and PS3 cables as well??

Anyone the price to have cable, hdmi(which may be cables...hahahaha) and also for ps3's too???

I have heard of these "smart connections" and im not going to fall for that scam.

We were thinking of doing the pre wire for surround sound in the living room/great room.

I have also read people paying Guardian a deposit and paying the balance later without having it put into your mortgage??

OK, so this is our last stop, before our wiring meeting and just still waiting on our loan approval, our guy is so overworked I dont even know if he had time to submit it yet and its been a week and he really hasnt had time to show me the new numbers, this is one guy who makes me nervous being overworked!!!  Been 7 days and he hasnt been able to show up numbers from a 5% down to 20% down...making me a little nervous here.............Or is this typical with this process??

As I said we meet tomorrow,............any suggestions you guys??

Thanks :)


  1. I'm going to tell you how it went for me. But everyone's experience varies especially based on location.

    You will get 2-4 free cable wires 1-2 telephone based on location and home. I went ahead and had all rooms wired with cable. If you don't have Guardian do it, and you want to do it later the cable company can do it. But then your cable wires will be visible throughout the house. For each additional cable wiring was $95.

    I'm having the television mounted over a fireplace, and housing the components in the cabinets in the kitchen. If I were to just mount the television over the fireplace it would have been $450. But then where would I put the components? So the total of the outlet and the wiring on the wall for the TV and running the wiring to the kitchen it was $950. Which I believe is ridiculous. But it's not something I could have done later.

    The only reason you would need Guardian to set up HDMI cables is if you were housing your components in another area. If not you would be hooking the HDMI from TV to Cable box, blue ray and etc. You wouldn't need them to do that.

    The CAT5 in my opinion isn't necessary it's for home networking. It's definitely more secure than wireless. But unless you have top secret information stored on your computer, a good WEP and a firewall will suffice. The CAT5 also comes in handy for smart TV but most of them use Wi-Fi.

    I have no idea what a PS3 cable is, so I can't help you with that.

    I also adding the pre-wire in the basement for surround sound. If your basement is not going to be finished you could add it later. Also keep in mind they now sell wireless home theater systems. It's much cheaper if you take into account the cost of pre-wire and to buy the speakers. You should research and do some reviews of them. I think the price of the pre-wire was around $1000 +/-.

    I asked Guardian about paying out of pocket for the add-ons. He said Ryan frowns against that, but it has been done before.

    I hope this help. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    1. If you were to mount your TV over the fireplace, you have to decide where you will put the components. (google: mount tv over fireplace to see photos). You could put a cabinet of some sort close by the fireplace. I didn't like that idea. I admit putting the components in the kitchen island is different. However, its common to house the components in a closet.

      You first need to decide if you want to mount the tv over the fireplace. Then go from there. What guardian would do is supply the connection for hdmi/cable/cat5 (called smart connection) or anything else you want on the wall. They don't actually mount the tv. You would also have to pay for an electrical outlet for the wall, and where/if you decide to house the components somewhere else you would need an electrical outlet there too. Sorry if this is confusing.

      I believe PS3 can be hooked up to the TV via HDMI. That's not a problem for them.

      All in all you should decide what you want and what you don't want before you go. They do try to sell you some cool stuff that you don't need, but it just sounds fun. lol

      Have you visited the guardian website?

      Check out lifestyle options.