Sunday, November 16, 2014

Finished Basement Ourselves :) Lots of Pics.

WE always wanted to finish the basement on our own.

We know we would get more from our layout than Ryan could ever give us.

We made a game room, (movie room, no games here) bar area, laundry room and full bath.

We are currently in the home stretch of finishing it up.

Its tough work, long work, when only two people work on it, but totally worth it

***Our bar area we will prob do some time next year, so this area is just "prepped".

We are finishing our tile in our shower now.

We had to move our rough ins, they were not properly placed, people make sure your rough ins are correct, its a real bitch to move them on your own.

Framing is actually the easiest part.

We hired drywallers.  We had to, that would have taken months, they fully did it in 6 days start to finish, money well spent.  Only people we hired, proud of ourselves.

Bulk heads prove to be a little challenging. Above pic

Above, inside pic of the utility closet.

Above, pic of bathroom, you can see in pic how far we had to move the toilet.

Above, looking down hallway into bath and laundry room.

Above, now looking into bath and laundry. :)...ahhhhh

Paint time!! Oh boy the paint gun, super efficient but you have to have a sprayer and then
someone behind your rollering.

Best part of this project is we could spray paint all the doors and trim without "paint brushing" them, want to talk
about a time saver!!

Above, Best Advice We can GIVE, attach all door with paint stick stirers, that way the all stand up
and you can spray them all instead of the roller derby, looks awesome, no brush strokes.

Above, paint stir option to keep door standing while you paint. Spray paint that is, such an awesome finish.

Ah and yes spray paint the trim too on the floor.!!

Imagine painting all these by hand, no thanks you, paint them before you install them!!

At first the Penny Wise color look scary, but we LOVE it now. We spray painted the primer and the white ceiling, after that we started to roller paint the color on the walls, we didnt think we could control the sprayer well enough to not get on the ceiling..

Hallway into bath and laundry

Us installing the hard wood floors in bar area, (laminate style since in basement, cant put hardwood in basement on concrete, so we were told.)

Prepping for carpet, oh yea we hired those guys too.

Ahh, my laundry room, cant wait to get cabinets and shelving too!

In the process of tiling.

in progress......

OK YES TV is super small, one is on order. LOL Game room area. I am thinking
 of using that pic by
the electrical box to cover it, but still not sure yet, thats a real challenge.

Above, looking into bar area

Bar area to be maybe late next year. All the plumbing, outlets and plugs are in place.

"to be" bar

Bar area looking out into game room. Better yet lets say movie room, there are NO games in there!

Ah the door that hides all the ugly junk that makes the house run.

Pretty area huh? 

Above, tile we found that we are using for listello in shower and backsplash in kitchen. For the Listello part, we cut this in half to get to pieces out of it :).

Above, managed to tuck away all the ugly stuff.

Above, so this is the closet where the water shut off is, but we put shelving and this is
where all TV components are. Hubby wired them from TV into the ceiling
 and now we use an RF remote
and no one sees any ugly cable boxes or blu ray or PS4 wires.

Layout for the tile in the shower.

Oh and I forgot there is a really large closet in the bar area for "MY" stuff since our kitchen pantry is so small.  Hubby didnt like the idea of taking AWAY from the bar area, but who can ever have enough closet space?

Any further suggestions or ideas?? Hoped this helped someone out in the future, its why I post :)


  1. Looks like a lot of work, but you guys did an amazing job!

  2. wow congrats on your progress! most of our basement is finished however the parts that isn't i've totally said to my husband 800 times we can do it ourselves lol. no rush. fantastic job!

  3. You guys ROCK! What a superb job!!!

  4. your DIY skills just keep getting better & better !!!

  5. Looks awesome! I love the paint colors, it looks similar to the color I used in my morning room, spiced gingerbread.

    DB - pittsburgh

  6. Way to go! This looks great. I think our basement project is another two years away. No way can my husband and I do this, but kudos to you too. Keep the pics coming!

  7. Let me know when you are ready to head to the other side of the state and start on mine :) looks amazing! You gave me some inspiration with the reclaimed barn wood. We found some reclaimed beams not too far away and are really itching to snatch those up and do the family room ceiling

    1. Chrissie, did you ever get those beams?

  8. Did you guys put up that foam board insulation or was that what Ryan originally used? Around here they use the white fiberglass blanket stuff on the basement walls that wicks moisture out of the concrete and eventually becomes moldy.

    1. ryan put up the foam board. There is a home in our neighborhood that has the blanket stuff you are talking about. But it was one of the very first houses here in phase one. I think now here all the use if the board insulation.

    2. That's cool. They will probably catch up here eventually. I've gotten conflicting answers on the blankets, but I think I'm going to replace it with the foam before finishing. NICE work btw! You might have inspired me to buy a paint sprayer!

  9. You.Are.My.Hero!
    I'm so taking this and gonna use it for our basement this summer. :-)