Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Sorry I've been pretty quiet.

I keep telling myself if I dont have anything nice to say.

There just has been A LOT going on with my 10 month inspection and things getting done over and over and over again.  Why cant things be done right the first or second time?

Heaven knows the guys they send TRY, they do, really do, but they just dont have the skill set.

And its just not RH fellow bloggers, its all builders, I have 3 friends that have 3 other builders, one is a very custom builder and still same issues, I think it's just customer service now a days. Bigger, Faster, more work, more hours, less pay, less personal attention to all details.

I will write more later with more detail but.....

Front door still takes on water.

Lawn still floods

Master bed and bath still freezing

Gutter still leaks

OK I said I would write more detail later, but really who wants to hear it anywayz? Ha ha ha, so I digress, off the Soap Box, be back later with more uplifting news :) and progress.

Till then..............


  1. You are absolutely right about that!! I work for the public school system and I was just talking to a co-worker today about how much they have cut essential programs like wood shop, home economics, etc. These programs give our future laborers some important skills....I digress!! I really hope it gets fixed for you to your satisfaction.

  2. it's sad, it's so true though :( we are still battling issues from our punch list and 30 day list and we are on month 4 now :(

  3. Oh no! But yes, know a few peeps with other builders....same stories. I have no doubts you will stay on them until fixed, but the frustration of it! Cold bedroom in winter means hot bedroom in summer and that is NOT cool! It's a shame, the lack of pride taken in work today, whatever the profession may be....

  4. Would you be willing to share the measurements of your patio? We have a Savoy and want to do what you did as it is stunning!

  5. I hope these issues are fixed for you!

  6. We made some service requests through myryanhomes.com and the people who came to fix it did an excellent job.. I really think it all depend on how skilled and committed the person who come to do the work is. We had nothing major though, just a stress crack on a window, kitchen cabinet alignment 9there was a visible gap), and a creaky spot on the 2nd floor.