Wednesday, January 15, 2014

**1 Year Anniversary Today** Pics of current projects and new ones in the works.

Wow 1 year! I feel like I have lived here for a very long time :)

I've gotten to know a few of my neighbors very well and have formed some solid relationships and I am thrilled to have these new people in our lives.

We are still in our 10 month inspection, the biggest thing has been fixing these damn creaking floors. Rusmur comes out on Monday to start pulling up a lot of carpeting to get to these creaks! Urggh.

Well in a year we have accomplished A LOT!

But we don't know how to sit still and love a challenging DIY project.

Next..........................drum roll............finished BASEMENT!  Woo Hoo.

We have started the process and we are moving along.

I have lots of ideas, let's see of the wallet can handle it as time carries on.

We will be doing a movie/family room, bar and sitting area/laundry room, and full bath. ***wipe sweat from brow**

Do you have any idea how creative you have to be do design and re route all that "crap" in the basement, like moving washer and dryers and drop sinks and what not.

Not to mention digging up the basement floor because the bath rough in is incorrect, well let me say this properly "was designed for a tub not a shower"

But it's been challenging figuring out how to hide  electrical panel and water shut off's and pipe cleanouts and yet have full access, and where to build walls.

Here are some pics so far.
One of the Best parts of my home the sunrise, but now
they built that damn house out
of in my backyard, its the last house on
the cul de sac

pic above, So we are thinking about incorporating the basement into the house and was thinking
about doing this!! Knocking down the wall in the hallway upstaris and adding a handrail
to really open it up. But I worry about noise traveling??

This is our exact handrail and what we will be doing in the actual basement, hubby says banisters are tricky, we will see!

Above-Again a pic of an open concept to the basement!  I love it, and it can be done, we love a challenge, but again traveling noise? I dunno
Above - I'm kinda liking this one over all the other ones, it's less invasive and may not be so noisy!

 Looks like a perfect wall to demolish right??

Above pics - three of them of my home, I think we can knock out some of the wall in the hallway for an open concept basement with banister?? Honest thoughts bloggers?

Above - Exact pic of what our basement WILL look like, check out that amazing STONE WALL ahead, oh yes, it's happening!

Above - Hubby's bar example!! Again incorporating the stone into the backsplash portion of the wall. And let's not forget the TV as well people! Minus the two tier bar though.

First wall goes up!
above- I dunno I'm kinda liking the stone wall behind TV also? But if we do accent wall at
bottom of steps and bar and TV Wall, is it overkill?

above - urrggh this so annoys me!!! that large home you see is called the LANDON  and I thought all the houses would be a is the last house in the cul de sac with NO house at the END of the cul de sac circle.  It now blocks my view of the farm and I feel like they are part of my backyard....urrghhhh!!!

Okay back to business any thoughts on basement ideas or suggestions?


  1. So exciting that your finished basement is underway!

  2. Happy 1 year! So exciting! Love the stone wall. I like the idea of opening the basement, but I also like the closing it in as a little retreat. Ours is closed and I kinda like going down there with the kids. Either way, I am sure it will look wonderful!

  3. I love the look of the open basement as well- but like you I would be worried about the noise! You have those awesome railings so maybe you could do the smaller verizon! You guys haven't stopped for a minute!

  4. I love everything that you have done so far and all of your ideas. We keep debating on whether we should open our basement up also. Our basement door is in a narrow walkway and I feel like it is in the way. If we end up doing it, we're going to go with something like the "less invasive" picture that you posted. We are also concerned about noise. I'm concerned that someone will walk through the tight walkway and end up falling straight down the stairs! My husband said that would not happen. I love, love, love the bar picture that you posted. That is what we had in mind. Our space is setup just like that. We didn't get the plumbing rough in for the bar sink, because I thought Ryan Homes was charging too much for it. We'll just have to have a dry bar. I love the stone. We have stone leftover from a fireplace that we put in our old house. My husband wants to build stone pillars on the bar. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us! :-)

  5. Congrats on 1 year! I love the idea of opening up the basement. Did you get the spoon and fork on your kitchen wall from Hobby Lobby? I have the exact same ones in my kitchen! And my mom who is my shopping buddy got them in red.


    1. Yup Hobby Lobby you got it...LOL

    2. LOL....Great minds think alike!!


  6. that open concept looks amazing!!! I wish we had a basement :( I would def be concerned about the noise. My son's room is at the top of our stairs and he can hear the TV from our family room perfectly in his room. So he always peeks his head out to ask what we are watching lol. I think it's definitely a cool idea though and I would want to do it!

  7. Good luck with your basement and congrats on 1 year!