Sunday, August 25, 2013

They can see IN my home, but I CAN"T see them outside my home?

Last night the FAM was enjoying a fire out of the patio.

We can clearly see inside our home, no big deal, as you should with some lighting on correct?

BUT, when you get inside you can't see crap outside, I mean it's like looking at a black wall, we CANNOT see outside!  I cannot see people sitting directly in front of my face outside the window.

I even push my MUSH up against the window and still can't see the people directly outside the window?

Is this normal?

Am I overracting?

Why am I just noticing it now?

So an intruder can see in my house, but if I hear noises outside and you are inside,  intruder could be on the other side of the window pointing a gun at my forehead and I'd have no idea he/she was there??

Any input please!

(I hope pics to come soon of the fireplace, I just want to landscape around it too, but that takes some cha ching for what I want to do, we are still on schedule of our Sept 9th roof over part of our patio)


  1. The night that my alarm went off and scared the heck out of me I discovered that I couldn't see anything out of the bedroom windows at night...NOTHING! I could, however, see out of the front bedroom/loft windows... there's a street light across the street so everything was lit up.

    1. M, how is your grass, mine is just getting worse and worse the more we try and try!!

  2. That is very typical of the newer windows. Don't worry.

    1. Thanks, I just hate they are single hung and I feel transparent.

    2. Thanks, I just hate they are single hung and I feel transparent.

  3. Welcome to the club of window haters.. We have been thinking of ways to fix the window situation and the best we came up with is replacing some windows..
    Ideally, you'd like to open the window to let the air in, but because the windows sit low, and Ryan Homes use single hung windows, only the bottom pane opens, leaving you with zero privacy in your own bathroom and master bedroom... If the window was installed flipped, then you can frost out the bottom part for privacy, and open and close the top part all that you want and get full privacy..

    this all is of course in addition to the insane can't see a thing outside at night.. that just stinks.. We live in glass houses. Took a walk outside a last night and looked at my house. You can see everything from the street.. But from the house, you see nothing outside, except where there is light, which is about 10% of the space.

  4. It is the same at my friends 35 year old house, with 35 year old windows. If you try turning the lights out inside you should be able to see out. I hope this helps and sorry this is late.