Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pics Master Chandelier - New Garage Windows (post build)!

Yeah so we got another 6 inches of snow yesterday, and what's your point? You don't like snow, you never get tired of snow? !!! Well I do! Urgghh Damn PHIL!! Ok, so PHIL was wrong, but gesh to threaten the poor little guy, some people..lol!


Ceilings are retuxtured and painted looks awesome.... CHECK!

New garage door windows were installed......CHECK!

Master bedroom chandelier installed.....................Check, double check!!

Don't be jealous of my snow !! Don't be a hater.

These are called "Stockton 1" style window pane.

MASTER CHANDELIER, BTW...hubby hates it....sorry hubby you lose!

Got this at Kohl's online, it has a modern feel to it that I love.

I am proud of myself that it goes with the lamps from Target, if only I could find some wall decor now.

I didn't want too much bling, I think I accomplished that!

And my wine rack I found at Kirkland's, I love that place and Home Goods, funny thing is...........Uh...I don't drink wine, but it looks cool :)
Also I found a mirror to replace the mirror in our master bath, I am all about de-ryanizing our home...hehehehhee....so at Home Goods found I got this awesome huge mirror for $50 to replace it....well when we took off the old mirror, let's just say.......it wasn't pretty behind the mirror, nails pops and some bad drywall so as we speak my second application of "MUD" is on and by tomorrow I can paint and hang the new mirror, stay tuned for pics!!

I realize many people suggested putting a "frame" around the mirror, but all the research I did, it cost more to do that and more hassle....so I like this option better...

Any other de-ryanizing ideas, please share!!


  1. The pics look great! I am over this snow as well!! The wine rack is a nice addition to your kitchen!! Sorry your hubby hates the chandelier! Lol. It adds some romance ;)!

  2. LOVE the chandelier! I wanted to put something like that over the soaking tub but was out-voted. :( Everything is looking great.

  3. I like the chandelier too. Does it put off enough light?

    1. Pink, yeah it really does, there are 3 bulbs in there at 60watts each, plus my two side table lamps....I am a cardiac ultrasound tech, so I live in the dark, so I prefer minimal light even if it didnt put out enough light...LOL

  4. I love that chandelier! Your garage doors look amazing! we are thinking about adding windows to our and the hardware as well. Did you install the panels yourself? Was it as easy as it sounds?

    1. We bought them from the company that originally installed them for RH, they gave us a pretty good discount, so I just let them install it, it took all about 20 minutes to do it! They replace the entire panel. And you get to pick the percent of tint you want on the windows also, we went dark at 5% tint.

      They told us the hardware was NOT capable with this type of garage door, so they wouldnt install those, but we plan on just picking them up at Home Depot and placing them on the door to see if they look right and doing it ourselves...

      We are wondering though if it will give the garage door a country or cottage look that wont match the house...???

  5. I think getting the mirror from HomeGoods probably looks better than the frames. I like all your updates…you're goal is being accomplished of deryanizing your home and making it your very own!

  6. Awww SHUCKS! I am lovin the garage windows, the wine rack (I don't drink either, but it's really cute), and the chandelier is just lovely! Despite some upsets your home is coming along nicely!

    BTW--we just got 4 inches of snow that melted with 24 hours. This has been a very light winter/fall. I can't believe you guys are still getting so much snow.

    I believe the handles will give the house a cottage look. All the cottage elevations have them. I really like yours because they look trendy.