Sunday, December 30, 2012

Update - the little things. - Day 85

December 30th Day 85

Snow Snow Snow!

I was dreaming of a nonwhite Xmas, which I got....but mother nature had other ideas for the day after Xmas and everyday since.......Gesh the Snow :( and falling temperatures everyday.

We visited the house today, able to go inside since the Model with open to get a key.

Visiting the house was fun today getting through all the snow. What a mess. And I love snow, but not when you have to move in it.  I guess all that goes without I continue....................

New things added since last time we were there.

Brick finished
Siding arrived
hot water tank installed
drop sink in basement
Toilets installed
Faucets installed
All Closet shelves done
Towel bars, yes we have the famous towel bar in the powder room right above the plug......I will get this moved... this is such a mystery to me how this keeps happening.......wet towel hanging over a plug??

Trim has first coat of paint, looks real good.

Again, granite won't be in until Jan it Jan 9th yet??

Same with seamless shower about the same time as granite.

Siding is just waiting to be put on.(boo in the snow, I feel for these guys).

There are 2 Major Issues we need to discuss with our PM on Wednesday.  I rather not vent about them yet since our PM probably doesn't know about them yet.......I will save my rant if they don't get resolved in order to be fair.  I texted him today and WOW he answers immediately on a Sunday....fantastic and we are meeting him on Wednesday at the house....He is awesome :)

Master Bath Granite and cabinet and my (so -so) faucet, we didn't pay for the upgraded faucets these are the standard. Granite in the bathroom, here comes Princess :) Gotta jazz up that mirror, I want to frame it.

Master Bath, two sink woo hoo, love love my bathroom!  Add some color and it's my retreat. Mirror gotta get some JAZZ.

One of my favorite parts of house so far, just because it's the most detailed.

Love the faucet it....others will eventually be replaced!

Boys bathroom

Standing in our master looking down hallway.

Yup Powder room with bar above the plug?  Any thoughts? Otherwise love it, such a cute little water closet.

I wanted to get this for our Master Bedroom, Hubby says it will hang too low, any suggestions?

Our walk in closets in our master are sooo fantastic, I didn't take pics, who wants to see that.........but wow........I don't need furniture really...LOL :)

We have two of them. 


  1. It sounds like they've made some decent progress.

    I would probably just leave the towel bar where it was in the powder room and hang some cute towels up... they'd easily cover the outlet. How often do you expect to use the outlet in there? Ours will probably never get used in the powder room!

    I think the chandelier will hang a little low for the bedroom too. Any chance they make a smaller version?

    1. I have looked at smaller chandaliers for the Master but the smaller ones look cheesy, I think it will be too low too :(

      I guess I should have gotten the tray ceiling if I wanted the chandalier, if we all could start all over again, we have all learned so much, or better yet permitted to make changes up till the last minute!!hahahahaha The "little" things we would change.

  2. DW, does the chandelier come with adjustable extension rods or link chains because if it does you can always adjust the height to your liking.

    BTW--happy to see they are making progress on your home! YAY! AND I love the master closet pictures. The larger the closet the better, it makes me feel like I am home shopping. The master closets happen to be one of my favorite parts of this house. I am elated to have them.

    Here are some websites with awesome lightening horchow, lampsplus, restoration hardware, renovations, ylightening, overstock, wayfair, arhaus, etc.

  3. I second They have flush mount chandeliers that are awesome in a master and I found one for only $130. Doesn't get much better than that.

  4. Erin I love overstock but never thought to look at flush mount chandeliers........Do you have pics or a link to your chandeliers?