Friday, September 14, 2012

Hardwood flooring installed UNDER kitchen cabinets....NOT up t the cabinets!!

Everything I was every taught in remodeling my own homes is always...always take the flooring UNDER your kitchen cabinets..DO NOT floor up to the cabinets.....

I am seeing in sooo many pics that the cabinets are going in first....

 we will be replacing our cabinets at some point in the life of the home....

At that time you may run into problems when you go to rip out the kitchen cabinets having to replace the floor as well since the new cabinets may not butt up against your floor perfectly......

Hasnt anyone thought of this???

We have a preconstruction meeting next week and plan on addresses this and anticipate a fight on this issue....

Any thoughts???


  1. It doesn't surprise me ....They just put our hardwood in this yesterday....The cabinets have been in for over a month

  2. Wow! Another thing to consider! Putting on my list, DW!! Thanks for sharing! I was wondering what happened to you? Send me your email address or email me at They changed our breaking ground date. So you know what this means....

  3. We will see what the PM says, but I am sure it will completely throw off the building schedule..........I hate to go in requesting such a thing.........I dont want the PM to say.gesh they are gonna be a pain in the %$!!.............

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  5. OK, it, thank you! You ended this post on a funny note!! lol I am learning as we move forward. This was some great information and you may want to consider creating a separate tab on your blog regarding the cabinets for bloggers. I have no idea what pressed boards are either. I have noticed that in some pictures the back of the island lacks substance, I guess this is the press boards??? Some time ago, I read up on the Timberlake Cabinets to see what I was getting and I have chosen the Portfolio Select in the Rushmore and Wyoming collections: Here are the features:

    Solid Hardwood or Thermo Foil Doors??
    Dovetail Hardwood Drawers
    Full-Access Hidden Glides
    Adjustable Hidden Hinges
    3/4" Thick Wall & Base Shelving
    Customizing Options
    Reduced/Increased Depths
    Glass Front Doors & Matching Interiors
    Plywood Veneered Sides
    Inverted Frames

    These features are not that bad and I can work with these. I knew I wanted solid wood so I am happy at least the doors are solid wood. However, I can only imagine what they would charge for all solid wood cabinets and do they even offer them in new construction.

  6. PM said........YES to floors under the cabinets!!

  7. We had our pre drywall meeting today and my husband asked about the flooring. Our PM said they always put the flooring under the cabinets because the finished look is so much nicer. Yay!!